Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Reading)

Nadi Pariksha”(Pulse reading) is very popular subject of ancient Ayurveda science. By this,Ayurvedic doctors diagnose the disease magically. But it is a fact.

Indians are expert in “Nadi Pariksha” (Pulse reading) & Yoga. “Nadi Pariksha” is the essence & soul of Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda there are Eight basic methods to diagnose the disease properly. i.e. as follows :

Nadi Pariksha Pulse reading
Mutra Pariksha Urine examination
Mala Pariksha Stool examination
Jeevha Pariksha Tongue examination
Shabda Pariksha By asking questions
Sparsha Pariksha By touching or palpating the body parts.
Drushti Pariksha Examination of eyes
Aakriti Gauging by countenance & body language

Among all these methods “Nadi Pariksha” is given first and the foremost priority.

In “Nadi Pariksha”, the diagnosis is done by touching the Patients pulse with the help of three fingers towards the thumb side.

Also the patient’s mind could be very well read & judged through the Nadi Pariksha and that’s how Nadi Pariksha helps to diagnose precisely physical & mental problems of the patient.

By “Nadi Pariksha” Ayurvedic doctor can diagnose whether the disease is curable or not.

By Nadi Pariksha doctor also can predict the exact time of death of serious patient.

Basic of the “Nadi Pariksha”

Nadi Pariksha is based upon Tridosha siddhanta.
Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharva veda, Brahman, Charak, Sushruta have described Tridosha Siddhanta on which is based the science of pulse reading.

Due to the contraction and expansion of the heart the Vayu (Vata Dosha – air) comes out & goes into the heart & this is the continuous process due to which this results in circulation of blood through the vessels to the entire body. It creates the waves in the blood and so that doctor can read the speed of that  wave of blood (pulse beats).

Wrong diet & in-disciplined behaviour disturbs the balance of Tridosha (i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha). This imbalance of Tridosha changes the speed of the pulse & also creates the disease.

The speed of the pulse & disease are interconnected. And thus how through reading the speed of the pulse the disease gets diagnosed.

The imbalance of the Tridosha also results in the changes of the temp of the blood.

This change of temp is felt by touching the pulse and that helps to diagnose accurately.

Method of Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Reading)

The pulse is examined with three fingers by gently touching and giving mild pressure, so that the blood flow doesn’t get obstructed.

It is not a skill easily acquired by most. It requires a sharp intellect, keen sense of observation & In-depth Study of scriptures.

To be an excellent pulse reader a thorough & accurate analysis of the pulse, perfected through years of practice is must. Calm mind & focused concentration is also essential. A doctor has to have determination of yogi to excel at pulse reading.

One who wants to learn pulse reading must begin with his / her own pulse. A normal & healthy person’s pulse has also to be examined many times at different intervals. e.g. Pulse reading during, pre & post meals, sleep, defecation etc. Further more a patient’s pulse is examined at various times & stages.

This is how excellence & perfection is achieved in the art of pulse reading. Since, this science is different to master, it is slowly & gradually fading into obscurity. 

Doot Nadi Pariksha (Messenger’s Pulse Reading)

Ayurveda science also described about Doot Nadi System. Some Indian Ayurvedic doctors also are experts in Doot Nadi Pariksha. If the patient is unable to come to doctor and send message to doctor, the doctor can diagnose the ailment of the patient by feeling the pulse of patient’s messenger. And thus the helpless patient can also get the miraculous effect.





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