Swedan (Fomentation)

Swedana Fomentation (Heating process)

Sweda is heat producing method which brings sweat and opens the pores of body cell membranes.

There are main four types of swedana.

Tapa sweda - Usually solid material likesand, stone, bricks, rice, etc. are used
Upanaha sweda - Semi solid or semi liquid material like poltice is used
Ushma sweda - Vapour is used
Drava sweda - Liuquid material like water, oil, mild etc. is used.

Usually following swedanas are very useful and commonly used in country :

  1. Bashpa Sweda - Vapour fomentation of nirgurdi, leaves Dashmoola, Nimba, Eranda leaves etc.

  2. Nadi sweda - Vapour for local use by pipe method

  3. Shastika shali pinda sweda – Rice bolous of shastika type of rice is used.
    With special decoction of Bala Mula to coock it. Hot pindas (Bolous) are moved on body in fashion of Abhyanga with special technique.

  4. Pizichili - Oil pouring on body which is famous in Kerala and snehadhara accordingly to Ayurvedic classics.

  5. Valooka sweda - is dry fomentation by sand.

  6. Avagaha sweda - is tub bath in warm decoction or siddha jala of medicine or in oil.

All these methods should be learned from expert panchakarma vaidya and adopted in practice.

Where swedana should be introduced ?

  • Vata predominant prakriti and diseases

  • Common cold

  • Hiccough

  • Swasa-Asthma

  • Heavyness of body

  • Pain-in neck. Lumbo sacral region, back hips, legs, hands, head etc.

  • Laryngitis and Pharryngitis

  • Facial paralysis

  • Hemiplegia

  • Paraplegia

  • Myopathies

  • Tympanitis and constipation

  • Stiffness in neck, hips and back

  • Lock jaw

  • Sciatica

  • Joints diseases

  • Disorders of Urination

  • After delivery

  • Atrophies of muscles, contractures of joints and for muscular functions


Following are best choices

Trikatu 1 to 2 g. with water
Shankha vati 2 pills T. D. S. with water
Chitrakadi vati 2 pills T. D. S. with water
Shivakshara pachana 2-3 g. with water B. D. with or after meals.
Hingashtaka choorna 2-2 g. with water B. D. with or after meals.
Shunti choorna ½ to 1 g. with honey or sugar or milk
Ardraka-chati or used with butter milk.
Jeeraka churna 1-2 g. with takra

Some useful Ghees

Cow’s Ghee Trikatu ghrita
Tikta ghrita Kalyana ghrita
Pancha tikta ghrita Panchagavya ghrita
Satavari ghrita Ashwagandha ghrita
Trifala ghrita Bramhi ghrita
  Vasa ghrita

Some useful Oils

  1. Tila oil for internal or external
  2. Narayana tail-Ext.
  3. Panchaguni tail-Ext.
  4. Vishgarbha tail-Ext.
  5. Dhanvantara tail-Ext.
  6. Ksheerabala oil Ext. & int.
  7. Bala tail Ext. & int.
  8. Dashmula tail Ext. & int.
  9. Maha Masha tail Ext. & int.
  10. Karpasthyadi tail Ext. & int.
  11. Shatavari oil Ext. & int.
  12. Aswagandha oil Ext. & int.

The Five Main Karmas

Before we enter to main eliminative type of five karmas, one must understand that:

Elimination is administered in the condition of Bahu Dosha that is where the excessive quantity of Dosha is present.

Where the Doshas are inexcessive quantity but associated with Ama (the toxic type of substance produced by deformed digestion and weak agni called Ama Visha-or Ama). Immediate elimination is contra indicated. First pachana should be given then deepana and after the doshas are moved from the adherent tissues shodhana is administered.

The Signs and symptoms of Bahu Dosha

Bulky body
Fatigue-physical and mental
Boils-carbuncee and eruptions
Kapha Utklesha
Foul smell
Pitta Utklesha
Sleeplessness or excessive sleep
Loss of strength
Discolouration of body