Kati Basti And Janu Basti 

Kati Basti / Janu Basti

Keeping warm medicated oil on the Lumbar region or on the knee joint.


A Groove should be made up by mixing flour of black gram with water on the Kati (Lumber region) – for Kati Basti or on the knee joint for Janu Basti. The warm medicated oil should be kept in that groove for 20 min. After 20 min oil should be removed from the groove & then scientific massage should be given to that particular portion for another 10 min. The same procedure is repeated for 7/8/14/21 days continuously regarding the stage of disease.

To whom “KATI BASTI” should be given?
  1. Diseases of spines – like Lumber disc prolapse
    Loss of Lordosis
    Lumber spondylosis
    Sciatica etc.

  2. Severe backache

  3. Muscular spasm at the lumber reign

  4. Stenosis of Lumber canal

To whom “JANU BASTI” should be given?

  1. Osteo Arthritis

  2. Osteo Perosis

  3. Degenerative changes in the knee joint

  4. Stiffness of knee joint

  5. Sinuvitis etc.

How it works?

As the degenerative changes or any disease at both KATI & JANU are generated due to Dushit Vayu (i.e. Imbalanced Vayu)
The medicate warm oil is useful to overcome this imbalance of “Vat Dosha” (Vayu) also it gives strength to the ligaments & muscles on that particular area (KATI & JANU)

Also it will helps to reduce the oedema of the said portion.