Placing hot Shalaka (Metal Stick) on a specific point for a very short period.

To whom should be given

Severe pain at any region small cysts, piles, epileptic attack, heavy bleeding, mental disorders, spondylysis, Keloies, Warts & Vat Vyadhi, Hernia

Types of metal stick (shalaka) used for Agnikarma

Suvarna Shalaka   Gold Stick
Tamra Shalaka   Copper Stick
Panchdhatu Shalaka   (Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Zinc)
Metal stick should get fixed on needle holder (for up). Then 1st doctor should make the correct area of deformity by a pen point then he should heat that metal stick on a burning candle. Then patient should asked to have a deep breath & to hold it for a few seconds & during that period doctor should place that hot metal stick on that particular area for very few seconds only. (Depending upon, how deep the problem is placed)
How it acts:  
Dushit Vayu (Vata Dosha) generates pain. Vayu exists in Large Intestine, Lumber region, thishs, ear, bones & skin. Since skin is one of the place of vayu, agnikarma is performed to release the obstruction of vayu. Agnikarma is performed at particular point where exist the “Pran Shakti” (life force). So Agnikarma activates the Pranshakti, which results in curing a disease. The versels, lisamemb / bony menbrane are located.
Useful in
  • Pain due to accidental Injury
  • Spondylosis
  • Disc prolepses etc.
  • Small sized cysts
  • Piles
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Mental disorders etc.